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Web Development Strategy

page-body-web-strategy尽管过去几十年社会和技术发生了巨大的变化和进步, some basic principles of marketing have stayed the same:

  • You need a good product or service
  • You need visibility for your product or service
  • 你的产品和业务需要对你的受众有意义

The Internet hasn’t made these things any less true. 但它确实提供了新的、动态的工具,让你的信息和品牌脱颖而出.

当然,你需要知道如何有效地使用网络工具. Tribute Media的团队可以帮助你利用网络技术实现目标.

Our Web Development Tool Box

了解一些澳门葡京娱乐网站在web开发策略中常用的资源和工具, explore these pages:

澳门葡京娱乐网站可以咨询您,并建立一个符合您的需要和预算的网络策略. 浏览下面的页面,了解更多澳门葡京娱乐官方网站创建一个你可以引以为傲的网站的战略方法. 

Web Consultation

在你能到达你想去的地方之前,你必须知道你在哪里. 这听起来像是你在幸运饼干上读到的东西, but it’s the cold, hard truth of running a business. And it’s just as true online as it is offline.

在Tribute Media,澳门葡京娱乐网站知道拥有清晰、可实现的目标的重要性. 这就是为什么澳门葡京娱乐网站的每个项目都是从网络开发咨询开始的. 在这个初始阶段,澳门葡京娱乐网站与您见面,讨论您的业务愿景. 接下来,澳门葡京娱乐网站将讨论如何将这一愿景变为现实.

Getting to Know You

Imagine meeting someone for the first time. You shake his hand and say hello. Suddenly, they throw up all over you. Not a pleasant picture, is it? 但这正是太多的销售代表所做的:他们只是向潜在客户滔滔不绝地透露信息,而没有先弄清楚他们的任何问题.

Tribute Media doesn’t vomit on people. 相反,澳门葡京娱乐网站花时间去了解你想要什么,然后想办法得到它. We ask questions like:

What is Your Vision?

How do you see your business and your market? 你想向公众传达什么信息?

What Are Your Business Objectives?

澳门葡京娱乐网站听到的最常见的“目标”之一是,人们希望他们的网站有更多的流量. 当有人登陆你的网站时,你会立即变得富有吗? No. So what do people really mean by this? 澳门葡京娱乐网站通过提问来发现您业务的真正需求.

Do you want:

  • To entice people to visit your physical location?
  • More qualified leads?
  • The ability to generate revenue online?

What is Your Budget?

Web development and marketing aren’t magic. 澳门葡京娱乐网站不可能凭空变出一个新网站或更多访客. Doing things right takes time and money. 正因为如此,澳门葡京娱乐网站将诚实、现实地看看你能以你能负担得起的价格得到什么.

一旦澳门葡京娱乐网站了解了您的具体需求并确定了计划,澳门葡京娱乐网站就会开始工作. 要了解澳门葡京娱乐网站能做什么以及澳门葡京娱乐网站是如何做的,请点击下面的链接:

Strategy Workshops


Inbound Marketing 

Search Engine Optimization


Strategy Workshops

让你的市场营销或网站开发策略有一个好的开端, we recommend a strategic workshop. 根据您的目标,研讨会可能会建议为半天或全天, team size, and desired deliverables.


工作坊可以单独购买,也可以与网站开发项目或入站营销合作一起购买.  Benefits of starting with a workshop include:

  • Alignment of Goals Across Your Organization
  • Trying Out a Partnership with Tribute Media
  • Tangible Deliverables to Implement Immediately
  • Jumpstarting Your Project

To learn more about workshops and pricing check out our Web Strategy Workshops page.

Schedule a Website Strategy Workshop

Strategic Web Plans

Think about the steps you take to build a house.

在铺上第一块砖或钉上第一颗钉子之前,你需要一个设计和蓝图. 但在这之前,你需要为你的房子找一个好位置. You need to think about the rooms and spaces you’ll need, and of course, you’ll need to do some hard, 现实的数字运算,计算出如何支付你的新家.

在Tribute Media,澳门葡京娱乐网站帮助企业为网络上的成功奠定基础. 澳门葡京娱乐网站可以与您合作,为您的网络存在建立一个战略计划:

  • Developing a website that fits your specific needs
  • Creating compelling content for you target audience
  • Designing an effective social media campaign
  • Gaining more qualified leads 


Know Your Business


  • What’s the current state of your company?
  • What is your vision for your business and your brand?
  • How does your website help you achieve your business goals?
  • 与竞争对手的网站相比,你的网站表现如何?
  • How active are you on social media?

Know Your Market 

The market changes all the time.

  • What are your competitors up to?
  • Are there any young upstarts making waves?
  • Any new marketing or business technology trends?


Know Your Budget

愿景和梦想都很好,但它们不会自己实现. To make them happen, someone has to cut the check.

诚实地看看你能在网络营销上投入多少钱. 一旦你知道了你的预算,你就可以开始了解你的投资回报了.

创建一个网络营销计划开始与专家交谈. Find out if you have room for improvement; click here to schedule your free checkup.

Conversion Strategy


Web Presence

就像这个词本身所暗示的那样,你的网络形象就是人们如何在网上找到你的业务. Usually, your web presence is your website. 它还包括你在社交媒体上的存在,甚至你的谷歌My Business Profile.

Search Engine Optimization

Very few people just go directly to a website at first. 通常情况下,他们会使用谷歌或Bing这样的搜索引擎来搜索. 搜索引擎优化(SEO)是一个过程,通过这个过程,你可以让你的网站在搜索结果中出现得更显著.

Website Traffic 

但是,人们不一定会因为您的站点在谷歌上弹出而访问它. 为增加网站的流量,你可能需要采用其他方法,例如:

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Conversion Rate Optimization

Hooray! You’ve got visitors to your site. What do you want them to do now? Give you their info (so you have a new lead)? Buy from you? 转化率优化(CRO)是指在设计你的网站时,鼓励访问者按照你的要求去做. This is done through clear calls to action (CTAs), focused landing pages, and well-thought-out web forms.

Want to learn more about Foundational Web Marketing? Pickup Tribute Media Founder, Corey Smith's, book.

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